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CGI Advance Close Quarter Combat Course Level-2 (ACQCC):

Course Duration:
1 Day

Prerequisites that must be completed PRIOR to beginning the Training Course:

1. Military, police or other armed security professionals.
2. Due to the extensive nature of the training during this course, a photo ID will be required from all persons registering. CGI reserves the right to require any trainee to provide a police back ground check. Any persons with possible affiliation to a terrorist and or criminal organization need not apply. Persons who are convicted felons, have a documented history of mental illness, or have been convicted of domestic violence crimes (misdemeanor or felony) need not apply.
3. Completion of the CGI Close Quarter Combat Course Level 1 is recommended prior to attending this course.

Registration Form, Physician's Consultation (If requested by CGI), Background Check (If requested by CGI), Photo ID copy (If requested by CGI).


This intense one-day Advanced Close Quarter Combat Course Level-2 was developed by Odhinn Kohout for Military/Police personnel operating in a high-risk environment. The CQCC-002 will focus on training the Candidates in use of advanced close quarter combative as efficiently and consistently as possible under realistic / adverse conditions. The Level-2 Course has been in use for the last year and has been used to teach not only Police personnel in Ontario but S.W.A.T. Officers from different Canadian Police Agencies, U.S. & Canadian Military personnel as well as American Police Officers, including E.R.T. Team Officers.

This course has been scrutinized by top professionals including Military Special Operators from the Canada and US. Through consistent review we are able to bring our candidates the most relevant training available today.

Many more topics will be covered than are listed here. This is a dynamic training course designed to teach candidates techniques that will help them prevail in a fight for their lives or the lives of others.


The scope of training will include both theory and practical lessons on the following subjects:
• (Review) Lecture on the Ontario Use of Force Model and Litigation;
• (Review) Strike and Pressure points, Anatomy lecture;
• (Review) Principles of Kimura Locks;
• Standing Combatives;
• Advanced Head/Neck Control Techniques;
• Advanced Arrest/Control Tactics;
• Pistol Retention and shooting platforms from the "GUARD";
• Pistol Disarms/ Field of Fire;
• Counter Ambush Techniques;
• Joint Breaking;
• Advanced Leg Locks;
• Advanced Side-Control Positions;
• Reinforcement Drills;
• Deal with emergencies and incidents /Attack on personnel;
• Scenarios/ Closing remarks & Certificates/Group Photo.

Course Cost:
$200.00 per person
(No Weapons +Ammo Required)

Legal Notice:
No weapons or ammunition will be permitted in the training building. All candidates will be responsible to secure their weapons and ammo out side of the training building. Crow Global Inc and UZIEL Fighting System will not be held liable for any issues pertaining to this matter.

Dress & Equipment Required:
The dress throughout will be duty dress, security contractor uniform and or appropriate range clothing. 511 tactical clothing would be ideal;
Duty gear, holster and body armour if available;
One pair of Combat-style boots with good traction and rubber sole;
Fighting gloves, elbow pads and knee pads if available;
Baseball cap;
Concealment garment optional;
Water bottle;
Eye glasses or contacts- if needed;
Medicine - if needed.


Upon successful completion of this course candidates will receive a CGI certification. Graduates will receive a report style feed back and certificate of qualification.

Candidates are assessed through out the course. Debriefs will be conducted with the student to highlight areas of weakness and tools to increase competency.