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CGI VIP Team Building Challenge (CGI-VIP-TBC):

Course Duration:
1 Day

Prerequisites that must be completed PRIOR to beginning the Training Course:

1. CGI VIP Team Building Challenge is designed for Corporate/ Business people at all levels and individual professionals who are looking for a team building challenge.
2. Due to the extensive nature of the training during this course, a valid government issued photo ID will be required from all persons registering. CGI reserves the right to require any trainee to provide a police back ground check. Any persons with possible affiliation to a terrorist and or criminal organization will not be considered. Persons who are convicted felons, have a documented history of mental illness, or have been convicted of domestic violence crimes (misdemeanor or felony) will not be accepted.
3. No prerequisite courses required.

Registration Form, Physician's Consultation (If requested by CGI), Background Check (If requested by CGI), Photo ID copy (If requested by CGI).


Have you got a steady hand and a keen eye? If so, this is the activity for you! With our expert Instructors you will learn to handle an assortment of firearms with confidence. Using the latest techniques and procedures we will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to safely handling firearms. This activity is suitable for professionals who can legally own a firearm in Canada and are looking for a challenge.

The shooting will take place on a licensed shooting ranges registered in Ontario. Lessons will be conducted both indoor/ outdoor and shooters will fire on an open ranges for safety and ease of operation. The level of training will depend on which Team Building Package your group choices. All you need to do is focus on the professional instruction and you will be very successful with your shooting experience. Have you got what it takes to be a marksman?


The scope of training will include both theory and practical lessons on the following subjects:
• Firearms safety Brief;
• marksmanship principles and theory;
• Firearms characteristics;
• Firing Positions;
• Magazine loading;
• Firearms, load and unload;
• Handling malfunctions;
• Personalized range instruction;
• Tactical Shooting Demo (CGI Staff);
• Closing remarks & Certificates/Group Photo.
Many more topics will be covered than are listed here. This is a solid basic course designed to teach candidates firearms safety and fundamental. Candidates will shoot many unique reality based drills designed specifically to teach and reinforce the firearms safety and shooting fundamental.

Course Cost:
$300.00 per person
(No Weapons +Ammo Required)

Firearm Rental Rates:
(Weapons +Ammo included)

Candidates Recommended Equipment (what to bring):
The dress throughout will be appropriate range clothing. Appropriate clothing for seasonal inclement weather (hot, cold, rain or snow), Comfortable jeans or pants with cargo pockets, Water bottle or hydration system, , knit cap and brimmed hat, hiking or tactical boots, pants, sturdy belt, shooting gloves, tinted glasses, range bag, Eye glasses or contacts- if needed and Medicine- if needed.

Certificates & Picture CDís:

Upon successful completion of this course candidates will receive a CGI certificate and a picture CD, which will be mailed out. Candidates are assessed through out the training. Debriefs will be conducted with the candidates to highlight areas of improvement and tools to increase competency.