Crow Global Inc.


Crow Global Inc in conjunction with our Security Partner will provide a full range of Security Operations services and Project Support. CGI continually strives to meet and exceed our clientís expectations. opening statement here

Executive Protection:

Crow Global has recruited seasoned professionals from a wide variety of leading government departments, management consulting companies, prestigious firms, special operations forces, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. As a result, Crow Global possesses a broad and unique array of highly talented team members whose recent real-world experience and current counter-terrorism skills and knowledge provides a marked advantage to each client we service. CGI provides executive protection to diplomats, NGOís, CEO's, and high net worth individuals, ensuring a first class service, tailored to the clientís wishes. CGI prides itself on the professionalism of its CP operators who are mindful of the profile of their clients, are able to blend in with their surroundings, while still providing a discreet but effective level of security.

Hostile Environment Close Protection:

CGI benefits from employing highly trained operators with proven operational backgrounds. CGI is fully prepared to conducts close protection operations in some of the worlds most hostile and remote environments including Iraq and Afghanistan and Africa. Providing Mission planning and implementation including the provision of armed security, life support, command and control, and armoured vehicles when required. Security operations will be deployed in times of international crisis whether through internal security issues/post regime change where the rule of law has failed or through natural disaster. CGI will also deployed CP teams to areas such as Indonesia and Haiti post natural disaster in support of NGO relief efforts.

Key Point Security:

Using proven threat and risk methodology combined with a wealth of experience Crow Global Incís experts can identify and counter risks to provide effective key point security plans and ensure implementation and management occur. From corporate headquarters to strategic power plants, CGI can provide the right level of manpower and technology to protect property in a cost effective manner.

Asset Protection:

Security operations have a wealth of experience in the field of asset protection, from escorting high value cargo in transit to safeguarding specialized high value equipment on static locations. All client requirements are taken into account and robust security posture implemented to ensure integrity of the assets wherever they may be.

Commercial and Residential Security:

With Crow Global Incís experience security operations, this enables the ability to provide protection to commercial and residential properties but also to NGO, government compounds and facilities around the world. CGI will also provide guards and access control where needed coupled with systems design and technology where appropriate.


Crow Global Incís consulting division provides government and private sector clients with strategic advisory services to help manage and reduce their key non-financial risks. Our approach is focused at the senior decision-making level to enable our clients to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest limited resources to manage and reduce those risks. CGI's deep experience in unstable and volatile parts of the world provides us with a unique capability to support our clients at a strategic level in these environments.

Three core areas of our work are:

Strategic security advice: We advise governments to identify key security related risks and help develop solutions to manage them. Our perspective is wide, encompassing solutions focused on improving traditional security as well as long-term stability. Our work with industry focuses on the security system as a whole and involves developing security policy, interface with government bodies, and crisis management planning.

Crisis management strategy and planning: We support both government and private sector clients to develop crisis management strategy and planning. We start by examining existing strategy and organization, judging its fitness for purpose, and then developing an appropriate structure and process to embed crisis management capability. Our perspective is strategic, spanning organizational readiness, prevention, response and recovery. In this context, we develop detailed incident management plans in high value and risk areas for a client.

Market entry strategy: Entering a new market involves sizing the opportunity and understanding and mitigating key risks to take advantage of the opportunity. We identify three types of non-financial risk factors involved in new markets - situational risk, business partner risk, and wider stakeholder relations risk. We develop a deep understanding of these risks, identify the priorities, spell out the various options for addressing them, and identify costs and benefits of each option. Our approach is not simply to reduce risks but also to enable clients to make informed investment choices that create sustainable competitive advantage in these markets.