Crow Global Inc.


CROW Global Inc. professionals in conjunction with other security leaders across the globe will deliver the precise services your company requires. CGI personnel will come to you to analyze your mission, your goals and your current methods of operation. We will then work with you to increase your overall performance and safety. Some of the security services that we offer are:

• Executive protection (low to high risk);
• Threat-risk assessment;
• Human Vulnerability Assessment;
• Long term threat management;
• Investigation Services;
• Intelligence briefs and products;
• Executive surveillance detection;
• Support Team for Research and Development Projects;
• Professional OPFOR;
• Support Team for Counter Insurgency training (COIN);
• Security Data Base support;
• Recruiting and personnel selection;
• Equipment and Logistical support;
• Event security;
• Terrorism seminars;
• Travel and employee security seminars;
• Currency and valuables armed escort;
• Abduction avoidance;
• Maritime interdiction;
• Natural & National Disaster Preparedness;
• Emergency Services Policy and Procedure Development;
• Asset Protection;
• International Security Consulting