Crow Global Inc.


We can provide a wide variety of training specific to governments, corporations, businesses, security professionals and individuals such as:
• Executive Protection Hostile Environment Course;
• Physical fitness training and evaluation;
• Tactical Mentorship training program for military and police;
• Guard force training program;
• Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT);
• Currency and valuables armed escort training;
• Firearms training;
• Combative skills;
• Less lethal weapons instruction;
• Hostile environment First Aid training;
• Tactical driving;
• SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics);
• Aid to civil order training;
• Marine Counter Terrorism Training (MCTT);
• Anti-Terrorism & Facility Protection;
• Active Shooter & Campus Security Solutions;
• Personal Security Operations – Dignitary Protection;
• Travel and employee security seminars;
• Abduction avoidance