Crow Global Inc.


CGI will be recruiting highly qualified and highly skilled personnel in order to support National / International security and training contracts. CGI looks for people of the utmost calibre, accountability, integrity, trustworthy and respectability to fill all Government and private contracts. Team-focused building strategies plus operator talent and skill are all factors when making hiring decisions. CGI presently maintains a data base of extremely skilled experts, many of whom have previously served their countries in the military, Special Forces, law enforcement and security fields. Their experience and honorable past service makes them the kind of employees CGI looks for:


about our services or how we can help you meet your security needs, Please feel free to contact any of the CROW GLOBAL departments at the applicable e-Mail addresses provided below.

Intelligence briefs and products;

Be former military, law enforcement, security professional with a minimum of 4 years active duty;

A minimum of 6 months experience having operated in a high threat environment;

Be a Canadian, U.S. and or a British citizen;

Be in good health and physically fit in order to pass a standard initial Physical Fitness test;

Be Proficient with standard issue weapons;

Must not have any felony, violent crimes and spouse or child abuse convictions;

Must not have any explained significant credit problems within the past seven (7) years; and

Must be able and willing to deploy austere and high threat environments.